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Accessibility is More Than Code: Takeaways from the Future of Web Design SF Conference 2015 — Medium

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There were many talks that struck chords with me, but none so much as Jennison Asuncion’s talk about digital accessibility. I have to say sheepishly, that before this talk, digital accessibility was not something that I ever prioritized or even designed specifically for, nor has it been something a client has ever mentioned as a priority…

In this blog post I want to give some quick information bytes about digital accessibility and easy ways to start becoming more inclusive with our work, some things that we may already do but not realize their impact on accessibility!

As the senior staff technical program manager handling digital accessibility efforts at LinkedIn, Jennison is a major force in the digital accessibility movement. As the co-founder of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the founder of the Bay Area Accessibility and Inclusive Design meet up, and the co-director of the Adaptech Research Network, he is leading the way people approach accessibility on many levels. I also have a feeling that he was the only other Canadian at this event, so there was a little home-country connection too.

What is digital accessibility??

The first and most important thing is to define what we are really trying to accomplish. Jennison uses the W3C definition of “Designing and developing UX that everyone can independently consume.” The everyone refers to: people with mobility problems, cognitive disabilities, sensory disabilities, even aging adults, people with short-term disabilities and people who simply only use keyboards.

A key principle of web accessibility is that the designs, in the end, should be flexible and meet many different user needs, situations and preferences. This is a more familiar concept to us as designers and developers, but in my case and I’m sure many others, the question is: where do we start?

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