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New accessible purchasing rules for Australian government – Information Access Group

In great news for people with disability, last month the Australian Government announced that all levels of government will adopt an internationally aligned standard for purchasing websites, software and digital devices.

This means that, when governments buy products and services, they must be accessible. …

So, this is a great step forward for inclusion in our country.Of course, we’ll be keen to learn how it stacks up in practice, and it will be the feedback of people with disability that will tell the real story.

The standard that Australia will follow is called ‘Accessibility requirements suitable for public procurement of ICT products and services’ and it is mandated in Europe. You can read the full standard here.

And you can read the government media release here.

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Census 2016 – Accessibility and special needs | Australian Bureau of Statistics

What help is available for people with a disability, illness or injury?

If you need assistance completing your Census form, we encourage you to seek help from someone you trust. This could be a family member, friend, carer or neighbour. In some locations, such as hospitals and nursing homes, Field Officers will be employed to help complete the form.Information collected in the Census helps to determine funding and plan for better health facilities for both patients and carers across Australia.

Information to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate in the Census is available in Australian Sign Language (Auslan) and Close Captioned.

This video provides information on how to complete each Census question in Auslan.

2016 Census in Auslan

Those with hearing or speech impairments requiring help to complete the Census form, please contact the National Relay Service.

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Online video captions must be accurate and readable

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has formed an alliance of organisations representing the interests of Australians who are Deaf, hearing impaired and those who rely on captions for information, to bring attention to the growing issue of inaccessibility of online audio/visual content being posted to websites. Specifically, there are concerns around the amount of video content that is being auto-captioned on YouTube as the vast majority of these videos are not being reviewed for accuracy or readability.

An ad hoc survey of Australian Government websites found a range of problems with video captions, including videos with no captions, video captions with minor misspellings and videos with completely incomprehensible captions. Go to ACCAN’s Facebook page to view a photo album containing examples of incomprehensible captioning. The websites of many Australian politicians, political parties and Government agencies feature these inaccessible videos.

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Apple to provide accessibility support around NDIS conference | Media Access Australia

Apple is presenting its accessibility technologies at the NDIS New World Conference in Brisbane next week. The tech giant has prepared an “Accessible House” in the main conference exhibition space, with an interactive exhibit promoting and featuring accessible devices, apps and accessories to assist people to do more around the home and office.

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