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Grand Rapids YMCA first building to adopt universal design standards

…how do you design a new building to ensure that it serves the needs of all users? Inclusive design can make that happen.

UB’s Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDeA Center), in collaboration with the Global Universal Design Commission, has developed the first set of universal design certification standards for commercial buildings, looking to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines as a model.

The first facility to adopt these standards and become certified — the Mary Free Bed YMCA in Grand Rapids, Michigan — opened its doors to the public Dec. 7.

The IDeA Center, which is housed in the School of Architecture and Planning, started developing the universal design guidelines in 2009.

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Urban development ministry frames accessibility guidelines for buildings – The Economic Times

NEW DELHI: The government has formulated guidelines to make all government and private buildings, including malls, restaurants and public dealing offices, accessible to the disabled and the elderly.

The Union urban development ministry, after a year’s spadework, has prepared “harmonised guidelines and space standards for barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities”. The 100-page document lists out detailed specifications for all new buildings, including specifications on access to buildings, provision of disabled-friendly toilets, specifications of walkways, floor patterns, illumination levels, door handles, lifts, height of public telephones, vending machines, ATMs and drop boxes.

The need for the guidelines was felt after the ministry of social justice and empowerment pointed out that there are varied specifications from Central Public Works Department (CPWD) and state agencies. The ministry of social justice asked the urbG A·an development ministry to formulate guidelines that would be common standard for all public buildings.

Source: Urban development ministry frames accessibility guidelines for buildings – The Economic Times

Answer Line: Accessibility question a tough one to answer – Longview News-Journal – Longview, TX

I’m going to tell you what I found to be some of the applicable standards and tell you how you can file a complaint if you still think this building might be violating those standards. What I will not do is issue an opinion on whether the building meets accessibility standards, because I can tell you that after spending just a little time trying to read and understand the many requirements, I am certain I’m not qualified to make such a judgement.

I will start by telling you, though, that Texas has its own accessibility standards and a permitting and inspection process in place to try to ensure this kind of new construction is accessible to people with disabilities. I’m told the state standards pretty much are the same as the federal standards. The difference is that Texas takes a proactive approach by being involved in implementing those standards during the construction process instead of enforcing them only on a complaint basis after construction is finished.

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ALTA uses accessible design for rehabilitation center

brazilian architecture firm ALTA was commissioned with the expansion of the centro universitário metodista – IPA’scentral campus in porto alegre. the project’s brief asked for the addition of a new physical rehabilitation center that celebrates the tradition of the institution in physical education and physiotherapy teachings. …

the central square sits in the middle of the school’s campus

the contemporary design of the truss-based structure features a brise-soleil that reduces heat, and dominates the façade while creating shadows that play with the interior’s main gallery.

with all this in mind, the project results in a campus designed for people with disabilities, with the laws of accessibility applied throughout the scheme.

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ALTA uses accessible design for rehabilitation center