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Making Information Accessible – Dyslexia Friendly Style Guide

For people with dyslexia, the ability to read and understand text can be affected by the way in which text has been written and produced.

If you are producing information to be read by others, it is important to remember that up to 10% of your readers may have dyslexia.

Dyslexia friendly text will have improved readability and better visual impact for all readers, but especially those with dyslexia.

The following are some simple recommendations to help ensure that your text is dyslexia friendly:

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How technology can help dyslexic learners help themselves | Jisc

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone how dyslexia can affect learning, and how learners can use technology to support their own independent study.

What are the effects on learning?

Dyslexia affects memory and processing speed in 5-10% of the population1. The impact on learning is very individual but most people with dyslexia typically experience difficulties with reading or decoding text. It may take them longer to process and understand written information.

So, when they are only provided with learning resources in text formats – which most learning materials traditionally tended to be – they are at an automatic disadvantage to their peers.

Technology allows teachers and tutors to take a more varied approach. Instead of writing their own notes during a lecture, learners may find it easier to follow discussions if they are allowed to record their lessons and listen to or watch it afterwards.

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