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Accessibility features in macOS and iOS that everyone should try

iphone mac pixabayIf you’re someone who doesn’t have any specific reasons to go there, you may have never explored the Accessibility settings on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. While it’s true that those settings are there primarily for people who have special physical needs to modify how a device’s interface works, the fact is, many people who don’t consider themselves in need of any sort of accommodation can find something of value in these settings.

Accessibility has become a place where Apple buries some specific, nitpicky details about how its devices behave–and that’s why you should take a stroll through those settings sometime just to see if they solve problems you didn’t even realize were solvable. Here are some of my favorites:

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How Design for Accessibility Drives Innovation for All

Comcast recently made a big splash in the world of assistive technology by launching the industry’s first voice-enabled television user interface, or “talking TV guide,” which gives blind and visually impaired customers the ability to independently explore and navigate thousands of shows and movies.

Comcast’s vice president of accessibility Tom Wlodkowski, who is blind, said the new interface “is as much about usability as it is about accessibility.”

Eminently more usable than navigating a complicated channel grid, voice command also comes in handy for people with sight.

Think about the multitaskers who don’t have their hands free to manipulate a remote control – the laundry folders, the moms who’re nursing babies, the social media surfers.

Aging populations also benefit greatly from voice user interfaces.

What Accessibility Has To Do With Usability

Realizing that products designed for accessibility end up making life better for everyone else, Comcast launched an accessibility lab to drive research and development. I heard Wlodkowski give an inspiring presentation about accessibility and innovation at the 2016 Forge Conference and it got me thinking about how the desire to address disability drives innovation forward.

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Universal design for organisations – digital accessibility video – MAA

Through an alliance with Australian Network on Disability (AND), Media Access Australia (MAA) contributed and helped organise the digital accessibility stream of AND’s annual conference, which was held in Sydney on 17 May 2016.

Presentation video


Presentation video transcriptRather than hear from Media Access Australia about our services and approach to managing digital accessibility with AND members, we believed that the best engagement for the audience would be achieved by hearing directly from another member.

Natalie Collins, Deputy CEO at MAA was the session facilitator and shared the stage with Sarah Abbott, the Senior Manager, Group Diversity and Inclusion, at Commonwealth Bank.

Sarah outlined the strategies and approaches that they took to gain cut-through, influence, and improve digital accessibility across the organisation, and how universal design principles are changing the way digital services meet the needs of users.

Source: Videos – Media Access Australia

See the New Lego Set That Has Disability Advocates Cheering | TakePart

From mythical characters, such as a werewolf or vampire, to more realistic ones, such as a cheerleader waving her pom-poms or a female scientist, Lego figures have long been a staple of kid toy boxes and a hot property among adult collectors. But out of the hundreds of small, one-and-one-half-inch-tall plastic figures produced by Lego over the years, none have reflected the experience of the 150 million disabled kids around the world.Now a series of photos from this week’s Nuremberg Toy Fair confirms that this lack of representation is changing. According to pictures German Lego fan website Promobricks posted on Tuesday, one of the new figures being released in 2016 is a character in a wheelchair with an assistance dog. The character was first hinted at during the London Toy Fair last weekend, according to the blog The Brick Fan. Now this visual evidence at the fair in Germany has parents and disability advocates celebrating.

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10 Crucial Ways We Can Make Society More Inclusive for People With Disabilities | Kristin Duquette

The Americans with Disabilities Act celebrated its 25th year of coming into law last month, and while it has changed countless lives, it has become apparent that inclusion loopholes still exist.The ADA was designed to have people with disabilities become viable and authentic citizens within the United States, but access to resources are still denied and the disability community continues to fight for basic civil rights.

On the outside it’s easy to assume that because of the ADA, discrimination never occurs and full equality prevails for every person with a disability…. Just because a president signed a piece of legislation into law doesn’t mean that a) it’s fully enforced and b) it 100 percent changed our culture on how we view the disability community.

Disabled or able-bodied, we all have the power and responsibility to make society more inclusive for everyone. From lived experiences to listening to the disability community, here are 10 ways we can continue to make our world more accepting of people with disabilities.

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Eleanor Smith Inclusive Home Design Act Will Make Homes Accessible | Rep. Jan Schakowsky

There should be more of this particular type of sensible law emanating from our Political leaders!

Today, I introduced the Eleanor Smith Inclusive Home Design Act, which would require new homes built with federal dollars to meet accessibility standards — including a zero-step entrance, wheelchair accessible doorways and bathrooms, and climate controls that are at a height reachable from a wheelchair.

Above, I announced the introduction of this legislation to advocates at a Rally with the National Council on Independent Living. They support the legislation.

For too long, the federal government has supported the development of housing that is not visitable or livable for those with mobility impairments.

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