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RFID Enables Hands-Free Transit Entrance for Vancouver Disabled

The hands-free solution, known as the Universal Fare Gate Access Program, represents the world’s first transit authority system that offers hands-free automated access to disabled passengers, according to Erin Windross, TransLink’s planner for access transit planning. The RFID technology, which consists of UHF access-control cards and readers above fare gates, is provided by British Columbia RFID and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company Hyperlight Systems.

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The Potential of IoT Technologies for People with Disabilities

The Potential of IoT Technologies for People with DisabilitiesWhile being able to dim your lights, lock your doors, and adjust the thermostat using voice commands or a simple interface on your smartphone may seem like convenient novelties to some, for disabled individuals these can be essential to maintaining a safe, healthy, enjoyable home life. For example, a quadriplegic who cannot physically open their front door could speak into their smartphone and the door would automatically open. They could also create a variety of profiles that change the lighting and turn on specific devices once they’ve entered the house, making possible what otherwise would have required a caregiver’s constant assistance.

As another example, a person with little to no vision could use appliances throughout their home with greater ease, and a deaf person could receive security alerts about disturbances they might not have noticed on their own. And while these are helpful for people who are disabled, there is no need to be completely cut off from outside assistance as these devices can also be used to alert caregivers and family members of any issues that may need their attention.

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IoT Innovations Offer Essential Benefits for People with Disabilities

Today, Internet-connected devices offer a similar potential to transform quality of life for many folks, particularly for people with disabilities.  These innovations are ushering in a new societal revolution, one in which anything (and everything) can be connected.

These connected devices, known as the Internet of Things (IoT), offer almost limitless potential for benefit, especially for older adults and people with disabilities.  This is also the subject of a new paper by G3ict titled “Internet of Things: New Promises for Persons with Disabilities,” which was developed with support from AT&T.

Recent developments in networks and devices are fueling new IoT innovations and applications.  According to the Gartner Group, the number of connected devices is set to explode, from 4.9 billion this year to 25 billion—or perhaps even 50 billion—by 2020.

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