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How to Get Your iPhone to Read On-Screen Text Aloud to You

Being able to hear written text on your phone read aloud to you can serve multiple purposes. If you have any type of impaired vision, it can certainly help in that regard. It’s also useful in settings where you don’t have the time nor capability to stare at your phone and read large blocks of text. Perhaps you want to treat whatever your reading as an audiobook of sorts.Whatever the case may be, your iPhone is perfectly capable of reading nearly any text you select back to you. All you first need to do is enable this feature in Settings.


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How disabled iPhone users can take control with blinks, nudges and even breath

tecla shield disabled touchscreen teclashield editTim Cook began Apple’s latest product unveiling with a video narrated by a disabled woman using a Mac with the help of an assistive device — a switch that she could bump with the side of her head. Her name is Sady Paulson, and the message couldn’t have been clearer: With the right technology, even people with almost no control over their bodies can interact with the world and harness their own creativity in ways that were previously impossible.

Wireless freedom for disabled people

The video was upbeat and inspirational, meant to affirm Apple’s commitment to accessibility. But what it didn’t show was the struggle those like Paulson have when it comes to controlling a multitude of devices. That head-triggered switch might be her only means of controlling her wheelchair, computer, or phone or tablet. If it’s hardwired into one of these devices, how can it control the others?

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7 Accessibility Settings To Customize Your iPhone For Your Needs

iPhone is one of the updated smartphones that exist in the market, but every update brings a set of hidden customizable features.

Most of these features are hidden in the Accessibility settings of the device.

These hidden customizable features can improve the way in which you use your iPhone significantly.

Here are some tips to give life to the customizable features of the iPhone and enhance your user experience.

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The Accessibility Of The iPhone 6s | TechCrunch

My aim with this article is to critique the iPhone 6s from the perspective of a person with disabilities, focusing on aspects of the phone which I feel influence its accessibility.

Using And Carrying The iPhone 6s

I’ve argued in the past that although conventional wisdom dictates that accessibility mostly refers to software, it applies just as aptly to hardware. The kinesthetic value of an iPhone — how it feels to hold and use it — is just as important as the accessibility of the software it runs. As someone with both vision and physical motor impairments, it’s equally important that my phone, as an object, be as comfortable in my hand as possible.

Bottom Line

I wrote at the outset of this piece about the “dilemma” of upgrading my iPhone every year. The logic against doing so is and will always be valid, but the truth is that updates like the iPhone 6s makes my decision a no-brainer.The reason I want to upgrade my phone so often isn’t so much because I’m a nerd or I need it for my job. It’s because my iPhone is the “remote control” of my life. My phone is an indispensable tool, and I want the best tool.The iPhone 6s fits the bill. It’s the best, most accessible remote control yet.

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10 iPhone and iPad Apps That Take Accessibility To The Next Level

Accessibility refers to designing in a way that allows as many people as possible to access a physical product, service, environment, and/or app at its full potential. In the past, accessibility has been seen as optional or a nice “bonus” feature, but that view is outdated and prevents hundreds of thousands of potential users from making use of your product or service.Thankfully, Apple is playing a leading role in accessibility by ensuring that iOS devices come preloaded with a wide array of assistive features for those who have vision loss, hearing loss, or fine-motor control difficulties.

Apple’s Built-In Accessibility Features

A full list of Apple’s accessibility features for iOS can be found on their website, but it’s worth highlighting some of their stand-out innovations (many accessibility features are available for your Macbook or desktop as well).

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The iPhone setting that changed this man’s life.

..Todd Stabelfeldt is able to control the entire iPhone interface, thanks to an iOS setting called Switch Control.

Also known as switch access, it’s an accessibility feature for people with physical disabilities who can’t use a touchscreen in the traditional way. It turns a complicated user interface into something that can be controlled with basic inputs.

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