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Learn How to Use ChromeVox Next Screen Reader [Videos]


www­.lireo­.com – When Chrome 56 was released in January 2017, people were excited with the new features, including:


One of the new features I think many people may have overlooked in Chrome 56 was the new ChromeVox…

Key Takeaways from the Videos

  • Turn on (and off) ChromeVox Next by holding down the CTRL + ALT keys and pressing the Z key
  • The search key on the Chromebook keyboard is the ChromeVox modifier key (often called ChromeVox in the commands). It’s used in combination with other keys to help you navigate pages.
  • In Learn Mode (press ChromeVox + O + K), you can hear the name of each key you press (or if you’re pressing multiple keys for a command, you’ll hear the command name)
  • Close a browser tab using CTRL + W
  • Temporarily silence speech by pressing CTRL
  • You can navigate a page linearly, using jump commands, or with ChromeVox menus
  • Access the new ChromeVox menus feature using ChromeVox + . (period)
  • If you enable Sticky Mode (double-tap the search key quickly), you don’t have to use the search key for your commands (turn Sticky Mode off by double-tapping the search key quickly)

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TED Talks on Designing for Disability

TED Talks on Designing for Disability: TED Talks (technology, entertainment and design) are short presentations delivered to live audiences by subject experts and recorded on video for later viewing online. The Designing for Disability playlist is 10 TED talks on good design, life hacks and smart technology to empower and include people with disability. The videos are free. See: https://www.ted.com/playlists/372/designing_for_disability

Source: Ted

Top tips for accessibility

Heidi Laidler, Media Access Australia’s User Experience Designer, gave a recent talk about how to test for accessibility at a ‘Hack 4 Good’ event attended by web professionals from around the country. Discover the top tips for accessibility from a user experience point of view, in this captivating podcast article.

Listen to Heidi’s complete address where she delves into the details of how to effectively test for accessibility and incorporate inclusive design principles into your web and digital communications.

Read the transcript of Heidi Laidler’s talk on top tips for accessibility

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9 Video Secrets Only Top Marketers Know – Ai-Media

4. They know that mobile is king and silence is golden.

On Facebook, three-quarters of all video content is seen on a mobile device. Since smartphones allow us to watch videos anywhere that’s connected to the Internet, we’re watching video almost everywhere. And when you’re in public places, silence is golden.Here’s a look at how our Facebook fans typically consume our videos. This is one of our posts that went viral with over 6 million views. What’s noticeable is how that over 5 million of those views were without sound.

On this occasion that’s 82% of all views being without sound.

According to Facebook:“In mobile-feed environments, people prefer having the choice to opt in to sound. Our research found that when feed-based mobile video ads play loudly when people aren’t expecting it, 80% react negatively, both toward the platform and the advertiser.

Advertisers should take this into account when creating video ads, making sure their stories don’t require sound to communicate their message.

”Adding closed captions to your video allows your audience to watch silently and discreetly on their morning commute (or from the bathroom stall) without drawing any attention to themselves.

According to Facebook, adding captions leads people to spend an average of 12% more time watching your videos. In a world where time is our most precious commodity, that’s more time being spent watching your content.

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Accessibility Checker Goes Open Source

It’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day today! To celebrate it in a big way, we would like to announce that as of today, Accessibility Checker for CKEditor will be available also under an Open Source GPL license. If you care about accessibility, want to learn more about how important it is, and get to know our new product, read on!

The StoryAccessibility support has always been a priority issue at CKSource. CKEditor complies with most important industry standards, recommendations and checklists plus it includes a number of features that make it easy to use with assistive technologies.Last year we decided to give our dedication to web accessibility a big boost and entered the market with Accessibility Checker – an innovative tool that enables you to check your content for accessibility issues and fix them before you go live.​

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Universal design for organisations – digital accessibility video – MAA

Through an alliance with Australian Network on Disability (AND), Media Access Australia (MAA) contributed and helped organise the digital accessibility stream of AND’s annual conference, which was held in Sydney on 17 May 2016.

Presentation video


Presentation video transcriptRather than hear from Media Access Australia about our services and approach to managing digital accessibility with AND members, we believed that the best engagement for the audience would be achieved by hearing directly from another member.

Natalie Collins, Deputy CEO at MAA was the session facilitator and shared the stage with Sarah Abbott, the Senior Manager, Group Diversity and Inclusion, at Commonwealth Bank.

Sarah outlined the strategies and approaches that they took to gain cut-through, influence, and improve digital accessibility across the organisation, and how universal design principles are changing the way digital services meet the needs of users.

Source: Videos – Media Access Australia

Microsoft celebrates inclusive design with microsite and video – WinBeta

Inclusive design, or universal design, is an important part of the design world. The concept isn’t often enough given focus compared to other disciplines, despite the importance of its application in everyday life to making products accessible to anyone. Microsoft, whose products are used by billions around the world, are of course familiar with the principles of inclusive design, and the company’s Design department has recently made a microsite, along with a short documentary to celebrate this design discipline.Inclusive design is all about breaking down the barriers to products and experiences,

Microsoft itself of course gets a mention with perhaps their most universal product to date: Skype Translator, which is universal because it breaks down the biggest barrier between human interactions across different nations and culture, language. The sci-fi-like feature was shown to enable students in Seattle in the U.S. to converse normally with their Chinese counterparts half the world over, each in their natural tongue.

Going further than just bridging the language gap, Skype Translator is also shown to help students with hearing disabilities integrating into a normal classroom environment by translating speeches into text for reading.

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